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VplTactic (A Coq Tactic from Verified Polyhedra Library)

Current version: 0.4.2


The VPL is an Ocaml library allowing to compute with convex polyhedra. It provides standard operators -- certified in Coq -- to use this library as an abstract domain of polyhedra.

The VplTactic is a tactic to solve arithmetic goals in Coq. It is implemented through a Coq plugin that invokes the guard operator of the VPL. The main feature of our tactic with respect to similar tactics (lra, fourier, omega, lia) is that our tactic never fails. Indeed, when it can not prove the goal, it tries to simplify the goal and in particular to replace inequalities by equalities. See examples below. Currently, this tactic is highly experimental and it only works on Qc which is a canonical type of rationals.

If you find a bug or have any comment, please contact us

Main Contributors: Alexandre Maréchal and Sylvain Boulmé. Developed at Verimag and supported by ANR Verasco and ERC Stator.

Using VplTactic

First, add the following lines at the head of your Coq files:

Require Import BinInt.
Require Import VplTactic.Tactic.
Add Field Qcfield: Qcft (decidable Qc_eq_bool_correct, constants [vpl_cte]).

Module VplTactic.Tactic actually provides several variants of our tactic. The most complex is vpl_auto.

Lemma ex_intro (x: Qc) (f: Qc -> Qc):
  x <= 1
  -> (f x) < (f 1)
  -> x < 1.

Actually, vpl_auto is a macro for vpl_reduce; vpl_post where vpl_reduce is the main call to the VPL oracle. It try to find a polyhedron in your goal and then, it simplifies this polyhedron.

For example, consider the following goal:

Goal forall (v1 v2 v3: Qc) (f: Qc -> Qc),
   f ((v2 - 1)*v3) <> f ((2#3) * v1 * v2)
   -> v1+3 <= (v2 + v3)
   -> v1 <= 3*(v3-v2-1)
   -> 2*v1 < 3*(v3-2).

The vpl_reduce tactic simplifies this goal into

H : f ((v2 - (1 # 1)) * v3) = f ((2 # 3) * v1 * v2) -> False
v1 = (-3 # 1) + (3 # 2) * v3
-> v2 = (1 # 2) * v3
-> False

Hence, the linear inequalities of the initial goal have been replaced by linear equalities. Then, vpl_post proves the remaining goal by combininig auto and field tactics.

The vpl tactic is a slight variant of vpl_reduce which rewrites the discovered equalities in the remaining goal: it is a macro for vpl_reduce; vpl_rewrite.

If needed, you may also directly invoke some subcomponent of vpl_reduce, see file theories/Tactic.v. You may also find examples in file test-suite/*.v.

Our ITP'18 paper presents this tactic in details.

Installation through opam

  1. Dependencies

  2. Installation

    First, add the following repository in your opam system:

       opam repo add vpl

    Then, install the following package:

       opam install coq-vpltactic

This will also install other opam-vpl packages.

Browsing the sources

Following usual conventions in Coq projects, directories are organized as follows:

  • src/ contains ocaml code for the plugin (reification + oracle wrapper).

  • theories/ contains the coq code of VplTactic

    • Input.v finds a polyhedron from the goal

    • Output.v exports back the reduced polyhedron into the goal

    • Reduction.v transforms the input goal into the output goal (thanks to a "script" provided by the VPL oracle)

    • Tactic.v is the main file

  • test-suite/ contains examples.

Currently, the code is not really documented (sorry!). It only includes a few comments inside.