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Provides a way to dynamically trace the structure and symbols in Visual FoxPro application files.

Author: Calvin Hsia
Creation Date: 9/28/94
Description: This includes both the formatting and the documenting wizards. There will not be a 3.0 version of Foxdoc.

To run the app, you need WZFOXDOC.APP

All the CPP and HPP files are the source code. FDKeywrd is the table of keywords.

The code analyzer is a tool to allow users to navigate through their Foxpro programs.

It takes the output from the formatting wizard and presents it in an interactive way. It consists of a single form with a 2 page pageframe.

The first page has a listbox displaying all user symbols, and a grid that shows where the currently selected listbox symbol exists within your code. For example, if there's a symbol FOO in your code, you can choose FOO in the listbox, and the grid below will show in which file there is a reference to this symbol, whether it's in a program, menu file, screen file, class library, or database container. If you double-click on the item in the grid, the referenced file is opened for your perusal.

There's an Analyzer menu pad which allows you to navigate around your code. Hit Ctrl-N to go to the next occurrence of FOO. While looking in a VCX, you see a line:


Highlight the BAR with your cursor, then hit Ctrl-D to go to the definition of BAR. Ctrl-R will go to any references.

The second page has an outline control that will display either the calling tree hierarchy of your program or the class hierarchy.

See Code Analyzer topic in VFP help for more information.


Provides a way to dynamically trace the structure and symbols in Visual FoxPro application files



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