FoxBarcodeQR is a supplement of FoxBarcode class only for QR Code barcodes. This class is an alternative solution for all developers who requested QR Code support.
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FoxBarcodeQR is a supplement of FoxBarcode class only for QR Code barcodes. This class is an alternative solution for all developers who requested QR Code support.

FoxBarcodeQR use the free library BarCodeLibrary.DLL of Dario Alvarez Aranda (Mexico)

Project Manager:

Guillermo Carrero (RIP) (Barcelona, Spain) and Luis Maria Guayan (Tucuman, Argentina)

Latest release

FoxBarcodeQR_v_1_17 - v.1.17 - Release 2016.12.21


The BarCodeLibrary.DLL library generates functionals QR Codes, but you can only set the type and size of the generated image. No settings supports for error correction level.

The external library

The BarCodeLibrary.DLL library, only have three functions to declare:

  • LibraryVersion: Returns a string with the version of the library.
  • SetConfiguration: A method to set the size and type of image file to generate.
  • GenerateFile: This method is responsible for generating the image of the QR Code.


FoxBarcodeQR encapsulates BarCodeLibrary.dll library functions into a single method called QRBarcodeImage(), which receives the following parameters:

  • tcText: Text to encode

  • tcFile: Name the image file to generate. If none is specified, it generates a random file name in the Windows temporary files folder.

  • tnSize: The size of the generated image. Receives an integer between 2 and 12

    • 2 = 66 x 66 (in pixels)
    • 3 = 99 x 99
    • 4 = 132 x 132
    • 5 = 165 x 165
    • 6 = 198 x 198
    • 7 = 231 x 231
    • 8 = 264 x 264
    • 9 = 297 x 297
    • 10 = 330 x 330
    • 11 = 363 x 363
    • 12 = 396 x 396
  • tnType: The type of the generated image file. Receives an integer between 0 and 2.

    • 0 = BMP
    • 1 = JPG
    • 2 = GIP

And returns the file path of the bar code image generated.


The following example creates a image of a QR Code barcode from a size 6 (198 x 198 pixels) and PNG type.


*--- Create FoxBarcodeQR object and QR Code barcode image<
LOCAL loFbc, lcQRImage
loFbc = CREATEOBJECT("FoxBarcodeQR")
lcQRImage = loFbc.QRBarcodeImage("",,6,2)

To include a barcode on a report, you must insert an Image object and set the property with a call ControlSource QRBarcodeImage() method and is recommended to set "contents Scale, Retain shape" if the image size differs from the frame.

Important: Before you run the report and create the object FoxBarcode, you must declare the variable as PRIVATE so that it has scope in the report, as follows:

*--- Create FoxBarcodeQR private object
m.poFbc = CREATEOBJECT("FoxBarcodeQR")


The only files needed to be distributed to FoxBarcodeQR function properly are:

  • FoxBarcodeQR.prg
  • BarCodeLibrary.dll

Notes on the distribution, installation and limitation of BarCodeLibrary.dll file:

  • BarCodeLibrary.dll file not register. It must be in the same folder as the application or in the Windows System folder.
  • BarCodeLibrary.dll was tested and runs on Windows XP, 7, 8 and 10 (32 and 64 bits)
  • BarCodeLibrary.dll has the limitation of encoding only up to 255 characters, so FoxBarcodeQR also has this limitation.


To my friend Guillermo from heaven illuminated me with this supplement to our class FoxBarcode.

What's New?

v.1.17 - Release 2016.12.21

  • Version number matched to FoxBarcode an New Year !
  • Fixed some minor bugs

v.1.11 - Release 2013.08.24

  • New property lDeleteTempFiles: Lets choose if delete or not the temporary folder and image files
  • Version number matched to FoxBarcode
  • Fixed some minor bugs

v.1.00 - Release 2013.02.16

  • Barcode Symbologies: QR code
  • Image types: BMP, JPG and PNG
  • External DLL library: BarCodeLibrary.dll