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Version 65.19 Released 2024-01-13

What's new in this release

The Thor Repository is a collection of IDE tools, accessible thru Thor, that have been written by members of the FoxPro community.

Complete Catalog: Catalog of all Thor Repository Tools

Discussions: Post questions, bug reports, discussions in the Thor Discussion Group

Home page for Thor: Thor

Requires VFP9

Registering tools from the Thor Repository

The latest version of the Thor Repository is automatically downloaded and registered with Thor when you use the ‘Check for Updates’ option in the Thor menu (in the FoxPro system menu).  See One-Click Updates of Thor.

If you choose to manually register these tools with Thor, download them and save them in Thor's Tools sub-folder.

You are encouraged to modify and enhance these tools.  To do so, find the tool in Thor’s configuration form and click ‘Edit Tool’.  This will create a copy of the tool for you in your ‘My Tools’ folder.  Thereafter it will be accessible to you thru the MRU list for PRGs.

If your enhancements or corrections are significant, please re-submit them to be shared with the rest of the VFP community.

NOTE: A majority of these tools require that PEM Editor 7 be installed and registered with Thor. However, they do not require that the PEM Editor form be open.

Submitting tools to be included in the Thor Repository

All FoxPro'ers are encouraged to submit IDE tools that they think would be of value to the FoxPro community at large (or, for that matter, to particular sub-sets of the FoxPro community).

Tools can be submitted to this

Tools will be accepted into the Repository if they meet some minimum standards, which include:

  • They must act as designed and described.
  • They must have no undesirable side effects.
  • They must not make assumptions about file locations (such as folder names, other than system folders)
  • They must follow the standard Thor-Tool format for a PRG, and their description must be as complete as possible.

Community Forum for Thor and Thor Tools

Please visit the community forum for Thor at to make suggestions or comments, to report problems, and to see how others are using Thor and its related tools.

What's new in this release

Helping with this project

See How to contribute to Thor Repository for details on how to help with this project.

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A collection of IDE tools, accessible thru Thor, that have been written by members of the FoxPro community






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