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VFP 9 Service Pack 2 (SP2) and Hotfix 3

This repository contains updates to Visual FoxPro Version 9 (VFP9). Use the VERSION() command to assess your current version of VFP.

The latest fully patched version of VFP9 is

Visual FoxPro 09.00.0000.7423 for Windows

If your version is 09.00.0000.2412 then you don't have any service packs installed.

To upgrade VFP9 to the latest service pack and hotfix, follow these steps.

Step 1: Upgrade VFP9 to Service Pack 2

If your version is 09.00.0000.5815 then you already have Service Pack 2 installed. You can skip to the next step to install the latest hotfix.

Execute the file VFP9_sp2.exe to update the original release of VFP9 to Service Pack 2.

The file VFP9SP2_BugFixList.htm lists the changes in SP2.

Step 2: Upgrade VFP9 SP2 to Hotfix 3 (the Latest Hotfix)

Execute VFP90SP2-KB968409-ENU.exe to extract files into a folder you will subsequently specify. Follow the instructions in the readme (in that folder) to copy the files to their correct locations.

Other Things

  • Execute VFPODBC.msi, VFPODBC_German.msi, or VFPODBC_Spanish.msi to get the latest VFP ODBC driver.
  • Execute HTMLHelp.exe to install the Microsoft HTML Help Workshop (needed to build CHM files).
  • Execute VFPOLEDBSetup.msi to get the latest VFP OLE DB provider.
  • Use VFPODBC.msm or VFPOLEDB.msm as merge modules with a Windows Installer based installer to instal the latest VFP ODBC driver or OLE DB provider.
  • Execute VFP9.0sp2-KB958371-X86-Enu.exe to install a ActiveX control security update (from

More Info


Microsoft's latest release of VFP 9 SP2 update from April 2009 (KB 968409)






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