Verify regular expressions visually & do replace operations using any VFP function
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Project Manager: Marco Plaza

This project provides a testing tool so Visual FoxPro developers can verify regular expression visually within the Visual FoxPro IDE. It is based on vbScript.regexp.


Allows you to test regular expressions in VFP using vbscript.regexp.

Just paste a text snippet and your regular expression, set case sensitive and global options to see the matches highlighted and match / submatch results.


  • Added Evaluate on/off button
  • Added Multiline on/off option


  • Changed project name to vfpRegexTool
  • Added option to replace Match or Captured Groups ( submatches ) with any valid vfp expression
  • Fixed bugs


  • Added support for SubMatches Collection
  • Group Captures indicated with underline, subgroup match highlighted in different colours
  • Real-Time Regexp Evaluation as you type
  • Allows you to save / load your regexp with associated text & help
  • Buttons for copy/clip regexp & sample text
  • Window resize support
  • Preloaded with some regexp samples for you to test


  • saved samples retain IgnoreCase/Global settings
  • RegExp Title toggles Green/Red background indicating regexp is Ok/Invalid
  • Result Title toggles Green/Red background indicating Match/no-Match

Important Notes

Infinite backloops regular expressions will hang the engine ( no vbscript.regex option for timeout operation ) Prefer small text samples to get fast results & good use experience

Zip file contains source files and compiled exe.

Useful Links: