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Function name : RtlDecompressBuffer

Group: Data Decompression Library - Library: ntdll

Decompresses an entire compressed buffer.

Code examples:

Compressing and decompressing files with Windows API Runtime Library routines


NTSTATUS RtlDecompressBuffer(
  __in   USHORT CompressionFormat,
  __out  PUCHAR UncompressedBuffer,
  __in   ULONG UncompressedBufferSize,
  __in   PUCHAR CompressedBuffer,
  __in   ULONG CompressedBufferSize,
  __out  PULONG FinalUncompressedSize

FoxPro declaration:

DECLARE INTEGER RtlDecompressBuffer IN ntdll;
	SHORT CompressionFormat,;
	INTEGER UncompressedBuffer,;
	LONG UncompressedBufferSize,;
	INTEGER CompressedBuffer,;
	LONG CompressedBufferSize,;
	LONG @FinalUncompressedSize  


CompressionFormat [in] Bitmask specifying the compression format of the compressed buffer. This parameter must be set to COMPRESSION_FORMAT_LZNT1.

UncompressedBuffer [out] Pointer to a caller-allocated buffer (allocated from paged or non-paged pool) receiving the decompressed data from CompressedBuffer. This parameter is required and cannot be NULL.

UncompressedBufferSize [in] The size, in bytes, of the UncompressedBuffer buffer.

CompressedBuffer [in] A pointer to the buffer containing the data to decompress. This parameter is required and cannot be NULL.

CompressedBufferSize [in] The size, in bytes, of the CompressedBuffer buffer.

FinalUncompressedSize [out] A pointer to a caller-allocated variable which receives the size, in bytes, of the decompressed data stored in UncompressedBuffer.

Return value:

Returns STATUS_SUCCESS (0) or an appropriate error code.


See also: RtlCompressBuffer, RtlDecompressFragment, RtlGetCompressionWorkSpaceSize.

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