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fxReports (Under Construction)

Community sharing of custom report features

Project Manager: Cathy Pountney

With regards to reports, VFP 9 SP2 has enormous power and extensibility. It has the ability to create custom features that can be used over and over again on numerous reports. For example, would you like the ability to easily add a watermark to reports? How about the ability to dynamically reduce the font on long text so it fits within a narrow column? The possibilities are endless and no one developer can think of them all. The fxReports reporting framework and corresponding utilities allows each of us to create our own custom features to use in our applications as well as share them with the FoxPro community. And of course, the opposite is true: you can take advantage of custom report features created by other developers.

Grab the file (or sync to all the files in the CoreFramework subfolder).

Optionally, grab individual zip files from the FeatureRepository subfolder (or sync to files in subfolders.)

The fxReports Documentation.pdf file is a whitepaper that explains how the entire fxReports concept works, how to implement it in your application, and how to contribute to the project if you desire.

NOTE: I'm preparing this framework and utilities as a presentation scheduled for Southwest Fox 2019. Look for more to come soon.


Community sharing of custom report features




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