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Management tool for the V-FOR-WaTer metadata database application. Although developed in and for the V-FOR-WaTer project, metacatalog is a standalone database application, that can be used on its own.


The full documentation is available at:

Installation description is given at:


Install metacatalog:

pip install metacatalog

With a Postgis database called metacatalog installed at localhost:5432 you can store a default connection like: Be aware that any password saved along with the default connection is saved in clear-text!!

metacatalog connection --save postgresql://postgres:<masterpassword>@localhost:5432/metacatalog

Refer to the connection documentation to learn about all possibilities to connect to a database.

The database table can be installed and populated like:

metacatalog init -C postgresql://postgres:<password>@localhost:5432/metacatalog

And now you can use the database via:

Using metacatalog on Windows

On one of my Windows systems the setuptools scripts does not get recognized properly and thus the CLI does not work properly if not called by full path. Therefore with version 0.1.4 the CLI is implemented the module main entrypoint. Wherever the docs call the metacatalog script, you can use the module, like:

Instead of:

metacatalog [options] <commad>

you can use:

python -m metacatalog [options] <command>

This should work cross-platform. Tested on Ubuntu 18, debian 9, Windows 7 and Windows 10.