Docker image of mail server (Exim + Dovecot + RSpamd)
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Docker image of mail server (Exim + Dovecot + RSpamd + Procmail)

Docker image for Mail server, based on Alpine Linux edge, it contains:

Supported tags and respective Dockerfile links

  • latest - Latest available version.


To run container you can use following command:

docker run \  
  -v /home/docker/mail:/home/mail \  
  -p 993:993 -p 995:995 \
	-p 110:110 -p 143:143 \
	-p 25:25 -p 465:465 \
  -d sunx/mailserver

After first run container will create default configuration files for Exim, Dovecot and RSpamd in /home/mail/etc/ directory, which you should edit manually. Default configuration files are well documented, so you shouldn't have any problems in changeing it. Also you can read official manuals (Exim, Dovecot, RSpamd) for help.

Detailed description of image and containers

Used ports

This image, usually uses following tcp ports:

  • 143, 993 - IMAP and IMAP over SSL
  • 110, 995 - POP3 and POP3 over SSL
  • 25, 465 - SMTP and SMTP over TLS


This image uses one volume with internal path /home/mail, it will store configuration files, data files and logs.

I would recommend you use host directory mapping of named volume to run containers, so you will not lose your valuable data after image update and starting new container.

RSpamd and Redis

RSpamd requires to use Redis database to its works, this image doesn't contain redis, so you need to instal one on your host or use some docker image with redis. I'd recommend to use redis:alpine for it.

Issues and ToDo

Default RSpamd configuration files, probably, shouldn't been put into volume, only local configuration directories should. It will be fixed someday, probably.

Procmail is no longer maintained for a long time, so, probably, this image will be switched to use different MDA in future (maildrop, probably) or 2 versions of image will exists.


This Dockerfile and scripts are released under MIT License.