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S3-Ever - The Simplest static site generator. Ever.

Simple shell script for generating static pages from header, footer and content.

Main features

This script get header file, footer file, content file (you can use some 'filter' apps to modify content file while building) and makes ready-for-use static HTML page for you. That simple! But it also has some features:

  • Config file support: You can configure lots of things!
  • Filters support: you can write your content in almost any markup language (Markdown or LaTeX, for example) and configure script to call some programm to convert it to HTML format!
  • Lighttpd configuration file example: I use Lighttpd on my server, so I've wrote good lighttpd config for you! If you use another server (like nginx or Apache), you, unfortunatelly, have to write your own config.
  • No support of subdirectorues: this script do not support of subdirectories for pages, it will take only file name and throw away all directories, so urls: /test, /path/test, /a/b/c/test and /a/../../a/../../test are the same for script.


This repo has folowing scripts:

  • bin/ - Script which build and output static page. Designed to be called by webserver via CGI interface.
  • bin/ - Helper script to delete all generated static pages.


Script search for configuration file in 2 locations: conf/config.def and conf/config. First file contains default values and you shouldn't change it.

At this moment following configuration variables are supported:

  • DATA_DIR - Directory, where script will search for content files. Default: "./data".
  • DATA_EXT - Extension for content files. Default: ".htm".
  • CACHE_DIR - Directory, where script will place generated pages. Default: "./cache".
  • CACHE_EXT - Extensions for generated files. Default: ".htm".
  • CONTENT_FILTER - Program, which will be used as filter for content, so you can, for example pandoc do write content files in Markdown format and script will convert in to HTML. Default: empty.
  • PAGE_HEADER - Header file path. Default: "./data/default/header.htm".
  • PAGE_FOOTER - Footer file path. Default: "./data/default/footer.htm".
  • PAGE_404 - 404 page file path. Default: "./data/default/404".
  • PAGE_INDEX - Index page file path. Default: "./data/default/index".

Webserver configuration

You can just configure webserver to send all page requests to bin/ but it isn't the way you should use static page generator. Better way is to ask webserver to search page in $CAHE_DIR directory ("/cache/", by default) and if page is missing, then ask script to generate it and send to user. One possible way to do it is marking bin/ as 404 page handler (server.error-handler-404 in lighttpd config). For example there is my lighttpd config for it:

#// Tell lighttpd that bin/ should be treaded as CGI programm
cgi.assign = ( "bin/" => "" )

#// Where our site is located
server.document-root  = "/var/www/"
#// If file isn't foud, ask S3-Ever for it
server.error-handler-404 = "/bin/"

url.rewrite-once = (
#// Search for some files there, where they are placed (like images, css and so on)
	"^(/pub/.*)$"  => "$1",
	"^(/img/.*)$" => "/pub/$1",
	"^(/css/.*)$" => "/pub/$1",
	"^(/favicon.*)$" => "/pub/img/$1",

#// Search for pages in cache directory. Do not forget about extension
#// Also treat index separately.
	"^(/)$"     => "/cache/index.htm",
	"^(/.*)$"     => "/cache/$1.htm",

Issues and ToDo

  • In case of page not found, set server response status as 404
  • Add ability to change title, based on content page (Some sort of templates, via sed, maybe)


The Simplest static site generator. Ever.







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