VHA Innovations

The VHA Innovation Program identifies, tests, and evaluates innovative solutions to help VA better serve Veterans

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  • The VA Light Electronic Action Framework (LEAF) enables staff to rapidly digitize paper processes, such as travel and tuition reimbursement, FTE, and other types of resource requests.

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  • Infobuttons are context-sensitive links embedded in the electronic health record (EHR). They use clinical context information from the EHR, such as patient demographics, medications, diagnoses, user role, and clinical setting to help find answers to clinicians' and patients' questions using online health information resources.

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  • eScreening allows patient-directed reporting of health symptoms, and immediate patient feed back and results documented to CPRS. eScreening allows real-time scoring of screens for staff notification of high-risk veterans for same-day care.

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  • PseudoVet is an automated patient data fabrication engine. It will provide a set of active synthetic patients and clinical data that can be used for healthcare software development

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  • An enhancement of CPRS/VistA, the “Maternity Tracker”, assists the coordination of maternity care in a seamless fashion between VA and Non-VA providers, in order to support optimal care of pregnant Veterans.

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  • Radiology Protocol Tool Recorder (RAPTOR) is an automated, electronic tool allowing radiologists to optimize advanced medical imaging protocols

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  • The FTL Team Repository - containing documents, source code, and other information important to the team.

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  • The Perceptive Reach innovation combines technology, outreach and clinical support to deliver a clinically based data-driven early intervention and treatment solution aimed at suicide prevention

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  • The Chemotherapy Ordering Management System (COMS) is a web-based application providing oncology teams with ordering, preparation, and documentation of chemotherapy

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  • A guide to using the VA Future Technology Laboratory and its resources.

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  • Aderse EventT Reporting

    Updated Aug 26, 2017
  • The VA Pressure Ulcer Resource (PUR) is a mobile performance support tool to prevent pressure ulcers through education and enhance communication between medical providers and Veterans and their caregivers

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  • Legacy Java version of The Daily Plan which uses MDWS to talk to VistA

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  • Repository for predictive analysis platform for VBMS models

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  • The Daily Plan is essentially a road map that lets the VA patient see, in black and white, what to expect on a particular day of their hospitalization.It was found to increase patient safety during hospitalization. By importing provider orders into a health summary, patients receive an itinerary for each day in the hospital. These patient-specif…

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  • This project aims to provide a means of remotely ordering and receiving results of tests for transplant patients through the VA's Computerized Patient Record System (CPRS)

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  • Patient Generated Data Information System (PGD-IS) is a system to implement collection, analysis, and use of PGD.

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  • Family History in CPRS is an enhancement to the VA's Computerized Patient Record System GUI application that adds the ability to enter a patient's family history data.

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  • The VA After Visit Summary (AVS) is designed to automatically capture data from CPRS including visit information, orders, instructions and more, and reformat the information into a patient-centered, clinic discharge summary for veteran outpatients in an easy to understand format

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  • eHMP ADK and Applets; a Single Page Application (SPA) written with Marionette/Backbone.js for implementing a VistA EHR User Interface

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  • Alert Watch And Respond Engine (AWARE) is an automated tool enabling clinicians, supervisors, and administrations to monitor and track alert responses in CPRS

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  • This application provides analytics for migrated VistA data. It uses VistA VPR routines, a custom XML Schema, and MarkLogic Data Pump for data import. It requires MarkLogics programatic frameworks, APIs, and NoSQL database.

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  • This application stores and forwards reviews of anatomical pathology images for primary diagnosis and consultive services

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  • The Automated Surgical Risk Calculator for Mortality Innovation is a project to develop a tool from CPRS through the “Tools” drop down that will auto-fill pertinent information into the developed risk calculator. The Automated Risk Calculator will utilize the generated data and allow for the user to manually input required information to support…

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  • MyGuide is a waiting room application used by patients to obtain visit information and treatment goals with a survey component.

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  • This project adds handling precautions and disposal instructions of hazardous pharmaceuticals within VistA and the Bar Code Administration (BCMA) application

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  • This purpose of this project is to increase enrollment in MyHealtheVet (MHV)

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  • Elom Demo

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