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  • You should checkout and use the "io500-app" repository instead of this one
  • This is to facilitate simplified configuration an running the benchmark.
  • The configuration is handled with a single .ini file in that repo.


  • Moved high default values for all benchmarks to
    • Users should not have to modify them, for testing set the stonewall time to 1
  • IO-500 information fields are now created by a webpage to ensure consistency
  • IOR and MDTest now output the performance when reaching the stonewall
  • MDTest uses -X flag and verifies that data read is matching the expected pattern
  • MDTest now uses the new -P flag to print rate and time to ease debugging
  • MDTest now uses rank shifting supporting block and cyclic layout (auto-detected)
  • The io500_clean_cache option reduces the impact of caching (useful for testing and small systems)