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Domain Discovery Tool (DDT)

This repository contains the Domain Discovery Tool (DDT) project. DDT is an interactive system that helps users explore and better understand a domain (or topic) as it is represented on the Web. It achieves this by integrating human insights with machine computation (data mining and machine learning) through visualization. DDT allows a domain expert to visualize and analyze pages returned by a search engine or a crawler, and easily provide feedback about relevance. DDT addresses important challenges:

  • It assist users in the process of domain understanding and discovery, guiding them to construct effective queries to be issued to a search engine to find additional relevant information;
  • It provides an easy-to-use interface whereby users can quickly provide feedback regarding the relevance of pages which can then be used to create learning classifiers for the domains of interest; and
  • It supports the configuration and deployment of focused crawlers that automatically and efficiently search the Web for additional pages on the topic. DDT allows users to quickly select crawling seeds as well as positive and negatives required to create the page classifier required for the focus topic.


Documentation for installation and usage is available HERE!.


Yamuna Krishnamurthy, Kien Pham, Aecio Santos, and Juliana Friere. 2016. Interactive Web Content Exploration for Domain Discovery (Interactive Data Exploration and Analytics (IDEA) Workshop at Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (KDD), San Francisco, CA).


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