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Data Polygamy

Data Polygamy is a framework that allows users to query for statistically significant relationships between spatio-temporal datasets.


Data Polygamy implementation and experiments are available here. For more detailed information about the framework, take a look at the SIGMOD 2016 paper.

ReproZip Package

ReproZip packages for the plots of the SIGMOD paper are available in sections 6.4 and 6.5 of Data Polygamy's repository.

How to Reproduce

Instructions on how to reproduce the plots are available here and here.

For instance, to reproduce Figure 8:

$ reprounzip vagrant setup figure-8.rpz figure-8/
$ reprounzip vagrant run figure-8/ 8a
$ reprounzip vagrant download figure-8/ output-nyc-urban.png:figure-8a.png
$ reprounzip vagrant run figure-8/ 8b
$ reprounzip vagrant download figure-8/ output-nyc-open.png:figure-8b.png

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