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Vidy iOS sample SDK
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The Vidy SDK is an iOS library that injects Social Vidys into an iOS App. It supports both Objective-C and Swift projects.


  • Xcode 9.3+


Cocoapods (recommended)

  • pod 'ves-sample', :podspec => ''


  1. Download the latest VDYEmbedSDK-sample zip here and add the framework to your project as an embedded library.
  2. Add a Run Script Build Phase with the following command: bash "${BUILT_PRODUCTS_DIR}/${FRAMEWORKS_FOLDER_PATH}/VDYEmbedSDK.framework/"


Objective-C #import <VDYEmbedSDK/VDYEmbedSDK.h>

Swift import VDYEmbedSDK

1. Initialize SDK


VDYEmbedSDK.shared().configure([kVDYEmbedSDKConfigurationAppID : "yourAppID"])

2. Activate UILabel instances

(At the moment, not supplying a postID is unsupported)

VDYEmbedSDK.shared().activate(label: label, viewController: self, displayDelegate: self)

When supplying a PostID:

(At the moment, this is required) all labels that combine to form the content of the PostID must be included.

VDYEmbedSDK.shared().activate(labels: [label1, label2, label3], viewController: self, postID: "yourPostID", displayDelegate: self)

3. BASIC - (If applicable) use delegate callback to update layout

func vdy_containerTextChanged(_ container: UIView & VDYAttributedTextDisplay) {
    // Update layout as necessary

3. ADVANCED - (See example) use delegate callback to update layout when appropriate

The required changeBlock occurs on the main thread and is processor-intensive, thus it is wise to perform execution at a time when it will impact user interaction minimally, e.g. outside of scroll interactions. You may notify the VDYEmbedSDK that you wish to execute the changeBlock on your own, manually, via the following delegate method:

func vdy_container(_ container: UIView & VDYAttributedTextDisplay, shouldUpdate update: UnsafeMutablePointer<ObjCBool>!, withPendingChange changeBlock: (() -> Void)!) {
    // Notifies VDYEmbedSDK that it should not execute the changeBlock
    update.initialize(to: .init(false))

    // Attempting to execute on our own now, if allowed
    executeChangeBlocks(forced: false)
func vdy_containerTextChanged(_ container: UIView & VDYAttributedTextDisplay) {
    // Update layout as necessary (if applicable)
// This method to be called at VDYDisplayDelegate callback and UIScrollViewDelegate callbacks, when it will minimally impact the UI
func executeChangeBlocks(forced: Bool) {
  let allowed = forced || (!scrollView.isTracking && !scrollView.isDragging && !scrollView.isDecelerating)

  if (allowed) {
      for label in labels {
          if let changeBlock = label?.vdy_pendingChangeBlock {
              UIView.transition(with: label!, duration: 0.33, options: [.transitionCrossDissolve, .allowUserInteraction], animations: {
              }, completion: nil)


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