sample topologies that run on VIRL
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From lxc-iperf-1 node ping lxc-iperf-2 node through direct and switched path:

 - ping
 - ping


sample topologies that run on VIRL.

Note - this can be access directly using the Git functionality available in VM Maestro and in the User Workspace Manager (UWM 0.10.17.x onwards). To do this:

In VM Maestro, select 'File/import/Git/Projects from Git/Clone URI'

The URI is then:

This is an open repo but if you want to include your username and password for GitHub, you can under 'Authentication'

Now select ‘master’

You’ll then be asked to identify a local location (on your local system) where the files can then be stored. This must be an empty directory. Then press ‘next’. Press ‘next’ once more to import as a ‘general project’.

You can then give the project (folder) a name and press Finish.

You should then see the files and folder show up in the Projects tab.

For User Workspace Manager, using a web-browser point to the IP address of your VIRL server. Select 'User Workspace Manager' and login as as a user (for example, guest). Do NOT log in as 'uwmadmin'.

Once logged in, on the left-hand panel, towards the bottom of the list is the option 'Repositories'. If you cannot see 'Repositories', click the link at the top of the left-hand panel that says 'User'.

Once in the Repositories page, press 'Add'. In the path box enter the line:

No password is required. Now press 'Clone'. This will now pull down the example topologies for this user to use.

The files are resident on the VIRL server, not on your laptop.