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The future of Smart Cities

VITAL is an ambitious R&D programme to develop a prototype application platform that will revolutionise real-time, location-based provision of goods and services in future smart cities, by integrating and interacting with a multitude of different Internet of Things data sources and systems.


System requirements

For this project you need:

  1. Follow installation instructions of Java, Maven, Wildfly, MongoDB and NodeJS for your system

  2. Install grunt and bower with the following commands:

     npm install -g grunt-cli
     npm install -g bower

Start MongoDB

  1. Open a command line and navigate to the home directory of MongoDB

  2. Start mongo with (replace MONGO_HOME with the actual directory of mongo):

     For Linux:   $MONGO_HOME/bin/mongod --dbpath $MONGO_HOME/data
     For Windows: %MONGO_HOME%\bin\mongod --dbpath %MONGO_HOME%/data
  3. Check that mongo is started and listens to connections on localhost and port 27017 (default).

Start WildFly

  1. Copy files from folder wildfly in project to the application server

     cp ./wildfly/* $WILDFLY_HOME/standalone/configuration/
    • Check that the properties in vital-properties.xml reflect your environment
  2. Open a command line and navigate to the root of the Wildfly server directory.

  3. The following shows the command line to start the server with the web profile:

     For Linux:   $WILDFLY_HOME/bin/ -c standalone-vital.xml
     For Windows: %WILDFLY_HOME%\bin\standalone.bat -c standalone-vital.xml

Build and Deploy the VITAL Platform

  1. Checkout the code from the repository:

     git clone
     git submodule init
     git submodule update
  2. Make sure you have started the Wildfly Server as described above.

  3. Open a command line and navigate to the root directory of the project.

  4. Type this command to build and deploy the archive:

     mvn clean package wildfly:deploy
  5. This will deploy all VITAL components to the running instance of the server.

Access the application

Access the Management Platform at the following URL: http://localhost:8080/vital-management-ui Access the Orchestrator at the following URL: http://localhost:8080/vital-orchestrator

Undeploy the VITAL Platform

  1. Make sure you have started the JBoss Server as described above.

  2. Open a command line and navigate to the root directory of this quickstart.

  3. When you are finished testing, type this command to undeploy the archive:

     mvn wildfly:undeploy


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