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Offensive language detection challenge hosted on codelab
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This repository gathers the code I have implemented to tackle the OffensEval 2019 challenge hosted on Codalab ( I participated to this challenge as being the coursework to the Natural Language Processing course taught at Imperial College London.

You will find on this repository:

  • A "NLP_main.ipynb" file, which is a jupyter notebook meant to be opened in a Google Collab environment and which gathers the majority of the code as well as comments. The files to be imported in the collab environment can be found in the /data folder.
  • A folder data/ containing all the .txt and .tsv files that have been used for this challenge. The code used to create them is available in the python files "" and "".
  • Some python files that can be opened and edited with a local IDE (more readable than Collab). The code is redundant with the notebook.
  • The final report for this challenge.

For any question regarding the code for this challenge, please write to

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