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Cross-platform HAM Radio log for TCI transceivers of Expert Electronics
C++ QMake
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Cross-platform HAM Radio log for TCI transceivers of Expert Electronics - SunSDR/SunSDR2/SunSDR2 Pro. This SW is based on Qt 12.5 framework.

This log created by IOTA DXpeditioner for IOTA DXpeditioners. There are few things important about this SW:

  1. It utilises minimum/enough approach to feature set. It means only necessary features included into release:
    a. Transceiver control via TCI (by Expert Electronics). It simply means that you do not need CAT/RS-232 anymore to connect to SunSDR. Most advantageous for Mac and *nix users.
    b. Connection to SDC/Skimmer for spotting and auto-filling, compatible with SDC (by UT4LW)
    c. Log necessary data via writing to ADIFv3 file format, compatible with IOTA and ClubLog.
    d. Utilise automated CW macros via TCI (those are partially customisable as well).
    e. Integration with MQTT capable devices - PA and Remote ATU. Please see more information here:
  2. It was created with the idea of minimalistic design - less space of the screen used. This is because SunSDR user screen is overloaded already.
  3. It is cross-platform. It works on macOS, on *nix OS, on Win. It even works on iPad or Android, if needed.
  4. It is open source. If you need to add more features to meet your requirements – you are more than welcome to use/modify the code.

Release v 0.4 changes:

  • latest TCI is embedded, compatible with ESDR v.1.3.0 release.
  • Remote ATU and PA control embedded via MQTT.

Upcoming Release v 0.5 changes:

  • enhancements in Remote ATU and PA controls

The following external resources were used to create this software: (c)2017 Rafael Dellà Bort (c)2017 Expert Electronics

This software is distributed under the MIT software license, see:

(c)VK6NX 2019

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