color sorting by k-means segmentation
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past collages

What is?

Started as Python OpenCV experiment to make a collage of album art. Began to explore methods to automatically determine order. Implemented simple linear classifiers with promising results, training order based upon input from k-means segmentation of the images in LAB color space.

Getting Started


  • python3
  • opencv2
  • numpy + matplotlib
  • sklearn


Clone into a directory

git clone

Enter directory and make directory for source images

cd AlbumArtPosterMaker
mkdir src_images"

Gather album art from somewhere (eg., AlbumArtExchange), and save images into directory for source images. Works best with square images of at least 300x300px.

From top level directory, run:

python3 ./src_images

Sit back and wait! Collage should be written in top level directory after images' dominant color is assessed

Future Work (TODO)

  • Gather human ordered data (Mechanical Turk, 3Blue1Brown sponsor, etc.)
  • More robust classifiers
  • Read suggested materials from Prof Nayar OH
  • Continue updating README to follow good practices template


11/01 Office Hours with Prof Nayar

  • Color Indexing by Swain and Ballard
    • Will get far
    • Easy way to do search
    • Constrain dimensions (255->10) and normalize
      • Histogram is reduced
      • Easier to train on
  • Histogram intersection
  • Not just sorting, also matching
  • 3 images, center is closer to which?
    • Mechanical Turk (Amazon)
    • Or build on website and send to people
      1. Scrape all album covers from website
      2. Set up interface for comparison