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Deeplens game to learn ASL (American Sign Language)

Nowadays, technology reduces the distances, and allow us to communicate with each other even if not in the same place. Real-time translations permits to speach with people of differente languages and cultures. But there are some cases where communication is difficult. For example, deaf people (and mute ones) could not easily communicate with other people, because nearly no one can speak ASL.

The processing of video flow and a deep learning model can leverage the Deeplens as a new interface for helping everyone to take into account those difficulties, and focusing on education.

It's a little game to learn ASL (for hearing people). The goal is to make the words the more quickly possible, with the higher accuracy. Each letter is indicating in roman and ASL alphabet. A timer is indicating the time left. You have 3 tries by word.

We have chosen the alphabet because it is mainly composed of static hands positions. Our model is homemade, based on a Sagemaker vision model, fine trained on a specific dataset we have made. We have removed ‘j’ and ‘z’ letters, as they require movement.

Demo video

Video available on Youtube

How to use it


Make sure you performed the following actions before continuing with the next steps:

# create a GIT directory within your user home folder
$ cd
$ mkdir GIT
$ cd GIT
# clone that deepLens-asl-game project
$ git clone awsdeeplensgame


The model is located in the model folder and must be put in S3 (with the authorization for the Deeplens service). The Lambda function handler is located in the lambda folder. You must make a zip of the python file and the 2 folders and upload it to AWS Lambda. To use them, you just have to follow the same steps as described in the AWS documentation starting step 4.

Once deployed on the DeepLens, you will have deploy the game interface.

Make sure to have NodeJS 8.10 installed on your AWS DeepLens If it's not the case, run these commands:

$ curl -sL | sudo -E bash -
$ sudo apt-get install -y nodejs

To deploy it, perform the following command lines:

# go to the src folder
$ cd src

# install (dev) dependencies - NodeJS 8.10 must be installed on the AWS DeepLens device
$ npm i --only=dev

# TO PERFORM A QUICK TEST => serve with hot reload at localhost:3000
$ npm run start

If you performed the npm run start command line and checks the web server is up and running with the Inteface, you can stop it and create a Startup Application by specifying the src/ file



The game is split into three difficulty levels, depending on the length of the words you want to try to spell. When the game starts, a word to spell is chosen at random from a dictionnary we provided. For this Demo, these are all AWS services like Lambda ( medium difficulty) and Cloud Formation (hard). When the first letter to spell appears, you have 20 seconds to sign it to a satisfactory level. Since speed is an important factor in the quality of spelling, the faster the player successfully signs each letter, the higher his score is.

Be careful: there is a small delay between your movement and the camera feedback.

Here is the ASL alphabet that you can use: ASL alphabet

Samples can be found in the samples folder (images were extracted from our dataset).

How we made it

The dataset was homemade. We have taken different pictures with different people for each letter of the alphabet (except 'j' and 'z'). We have used data augmentation (mirror and crops) to have ~1000 images by letter.

The training was done using Amazon SageMaker, with transfer learning on a resnet with 18 layers. It converges in 5 epochs to a satisfaying result.

The Game UX was built upon of NuxtJS framework and is using Vue Material for the renderer. The different mechanisms like levels, lifes, score have been developed in Vanilla JS (upon of NuxtJS and additional node modules) + HTML5 + CSS2/3

This is the project architecture: Architecture

Who we are

Corexpert TeamWork


Deeplens game to learn ASL (American Sign Language)




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