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API Test Platform

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To reach the goals of the Common Ground for Dutch municipalities a platform to test their API's is being developed. These are the main features of the API Test Platform:

  • Functionality for testing both consumers as providers of the API's.
  • Sandbox to play with API's.
  • Facilities for demonstrating compliancy such as test reports and badges.
  • Scheduler for monitoring API's.
  • API for integration with your own CI/CD pipeline.


First, in order to use the API Test Platform you need to create a user, you can easily follow the tutorial here. Then, you can test both provider and consumer following the steps depicted in these guides:

  1. Register
  2. Consumer session
  3. Provider test
  4. API
  5. Roadmap

Regarding the API endpoints, you can analyze the swagger generated schema here or directly the OpenApi yaml file.


The code of this project can be found here.



Copyright © VNG Realisatie

Licensed under the EUPL

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