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Common Ground - From vision to realisation


This repository holds evolving documents describing the Common Ground vision and all that is necessary for its realisation.

All documents describing architecture, functional and non-functional requirements, way of working including guides, backlogs, use cases, user stories and so on - will be public to achieve maximum transparency.

This repository holds no code.


For a more details, read the Common Ground Vision.

The vision known as Common Ground emerges from local municipalities in The Netherlands. With information systems increasingly lagging behind society's demand, Common Ground envisions a radical change for the better, breaking free form the status quo in which innovation and dynamic adaptation of new technology has become nearly impossible.

Future information systems will be different in three essentials aspects.

From silos to layers

All applications should be using the same general software infrastructure, separating software in the layers 'interaction', 'control', 'integration', 'services' and 'data'.

From copying to using at the source

Data should only be kept by the organisation responsible for the administration of it, and made available for use by others via API's.

From authorisation per solution to federated authorisation

To make this work, organisations should authorise at the level of other organisations, not the individuals in it. That is the job of each organisation itself. Hence a national federated system for autorisation will be used.


For a more details, read about the Common Ground Realisation.

The realisation of this vision is only possible if done step by step, fully embracing every opportunity for change into the desired direction.


Open Source

State of the art technology

New next to old


Common Ground - From vision to realisation




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