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Local Deployment


This deployment is intended only for testing and demonstration purposes and should not serve for real production use. If you want to provide VODAN in a Box as a service, visit :ref:`production-deployment`.



  1. Download or git clone repository locally
  2. Change working directory to the root folder vodan-deployment-basic
  3. Use docker-compose to start VODAN in a Box
git clone
cd vodan-deployment-basic
docker-compose up -d

For additional configuration options, see :ref:`configuration`.


When VODAN in a Box is running, you can access the following services:

For both CRF Wizard and FDP, you can use default admin account with password password. BlazeGraph and MongoDB are without any authentication.

  • To start VODAN in a Box, use docker-compose up -d in the root directory.
  • To stop VODAN in a Box, use docker-compose down in the root directory.
  • To restart VODAN in a Box, use first docker-compose down and then docker-compose up -d again.
  • To see running services of VODAN in a Box and their status, use docker-compose ps.
  • For debugging and investigating logs, use docker-compose logs (or docker-compose logs -f).

Optionally, you can also use separate AllegroGraph for submitted CRF data. To do that, simply uncomment agraph section in docker-compose.yml and update submission-service/config.yml. Then, you will be able to access it on http://localhost:10035. Of course, you can similarly set any other triple store of your choice.


  1. Stop VODAN in a Box
  2. Overwrite configurations and docker-compose.yml or simply git pull
  3. Start VODAN in a Box again

From root directory of vodan-deployment-basic:

docker-compose down
git pull
docker-compose up -d


For more information about docker-compose and its options, visit Docker documentation.

Various advanced deployment options of FAIR Data Point are well-described in FAIR Data Point Reference Implementation Documentation.

The main difference with respect to the :ref:`production-deployment` is the absence of proxy and certificates, with opened ports directly instead.