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@craig8 craig8 released this Jun 2, 2017

The official 4.1 release contains the following:

  • Platform Upgrades

    • Fixed a bug that created a memory leak in less reliable networks
    • Added aliases for volttron-ctl, volttron-cfg and volttron-pkg (vctl, vcfg, and vpkg respectively)
    • New install-agent script - allows easier scripting of agent installations for larger deployments
    • Made it easier to authorize external agent connections using the following commands
    • Added new commands for exposing auth related information:
      • vctl auth publickey
      • vctl auth serverkey
    • Added volttron-start and volttron-stop scripts for consistent starting and stopping of the platform without having to be in an activated environment.
  • VOLTTRON Central

    • Swapped out a memory leaking charting library for a new one
    • Added Device Configuration UI which allows remote BACnet device detection and driver setup
    • Only the connecting platform has the ability to register with VOLTTRON Central .
  • Historians

    • Improved performance of the backup cache
    • Improved performance of the MongoDB historian (Used by PNNL with over 2.5 billion datapoints currently)
    • Added Crate historian
    • Updated ForwardHistorian - can now be configured to verify specific agents are running on the remote instance.
  • Drivers

    • Improved command line BACnet scan for large scale deployments
    • Better performance on low power devices which do not implement the entire BACnet interface
  • New Core Agents

    • AgentWatcher - Sends alerts when configured agent identities are not present on the message bus.
    • ThresholdAgent - Sends alerts when configured topics are out of specified range.
    • EmailerAgent - Emails administrators when alerts happen (has a time delay mechanism so that admins aren't spammed by the same error)

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