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Unity, UE4, Python, OSVR, all plugins will be in this repo !
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VR Tracker Plugins


DO NOT USE PLUGIN ON THIS GIT As of now a new version of the plugin is available for Tag V2 and over only. This version is completely new and not compatible with previous versions. If you have a previous version in your project, please delete the VR Tracker folder before importing the new plugin. Finally the Plugin can be found on the link below along with an extensive documentation : VRTracker SDK V3 and Documentation

Getting Started

Choose the selected SDK for the development platform that you are currently using. ###Note We are currently providing just the SDK for Unity, UE4 will come soon... The different SDK will enable your application to communicate with VR Tracker system, getting all the different information you need. Find more detailed information on our wiki


Unity SDK

  • Install Unity 2017 or later (The SDK should work on 5.6, as it has been first developed on it)

Choose your networking solution

Providing multiplayer experience implies to network all the different information to all the users. You can either choose to use your own networking system, or base your development on one of the networking solution that already exist. In Unity, we provide directly an version of our SDK with UNET, (Photon will come soon...). If you want to use your own networking, you can just get the files and use them in your current networking system. If you need any help, send us an email at


You can find more information on how to use the Plugin on our website VR Tracker. If you want to use UNET, here are the link on how to integrate our system:

  • v.09 deprecrated, this version is only compatible for Tag V1 version
  • v1.0, this version is currently in beta, you will find the new features for the Tag V2


You can find different example on how to use the SDK on the VR Tracker Examples git


Check our FAQ for the common questions, if you have any issue, post it on the git or send us an email at :


Find the different information on the releases


Feel free to contribute or ask new features, we will prioritize the new features based on your needs :)



This project is licensed under the GPL-3.0 - see the LICENSE file for details


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