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Atari800 Installer

Use this script to download and build the latest source for Atari800, or to update Atari800 to the latest version.

You only need file

  • Make sure the script is executable:
  • Right-click > properties > Executable
  • Or, in a terminal, type chmod u+x
  • Launch Atari800 Installer by clicking the script file or by typing bash in a terminal.

Atari800 will be compiled in $HOME/src/atari800/src.

Files that exist in $HOME/src/atari800 will be overwritten or updated by the installer.


Read the MAME downloads guide to find a few games or use our Atari 8-bit game disk downloader to grab a full games collection.

Reference Guides

Atari800 ships with built-in AltirraOS. This provides Atari BIOSes for the emulated machines and it provides Atari BASIC.

Altirra is an Atari emulator for Windows. It is different to the Atari800 emulator installed by this script. However, if you are interested, for reference purposes there is an Altirra Hardware Reference Manual and Altirra BASIC Reference Manual available for download.

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