This repository tracks versions of the VRP-REP instance file specification
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VRP-REP model files

VRP-REP model files is a maven project. It simply contains XML schema files, used to describe Vehicle Routing Problem instances files on the web application VRP-REP.

How do I use the model in my own project ?

If you intend to use the format in a java project, you can use JAXB generated classes to read and write XML files.


The best way to go is to add the following to your pom.xml :


Manually include the JAR

Versioned JAR files are directly available from Maven central.

Reader and Writer

As of 0.1.4, the project also include a basic instance reader and writer, that you may use this way :

import org.vrprep.model.instance.Instance;
import org.vrprep.model.util.Instances;
Instance instance =;
File file = Instances.write(instance, outputPath);