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Add file describing required Python modules. You can use this file to install the dependencies all at once:

`pip install -r requirements.txt`
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+# Make sure you have libpng-dev, libimread-dev and tiffio installed
+# before installing the pillow library, and make sure you have
+# pillow installed before installing SciPy.
+# VQA uses the function scipy.misc.imread . If you install SciPy without
+# pillow previously installed, SciPy silent modifies the scipy.misc
+# module, and the imread function is not available.
+# If you're in that state, you should uninstall scipy, install pillow,
+# and then reinstall. It's best to tell pip not to use the cache when
+# you reinstall, to make sure the library rebuilds:
+# pip uninstall scipy
+# pip install --no-cache-dir scipy
+scipy >= 0.17

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