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CGO18 nAdroid Artifact

This repository contains the artifact for the CGO'18 paper:

Xinwei Fu, Dongyoon Lee, and Changhee Jung. 2018. nAdroid: Statically Detecting Ordering Violations in Android Applications. In Proceedings of 2018 IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Code Generation and Optimization (CGO’18).


  • java and javac 1.7 (1.8 doesn't work)
  • ant

How to Run

$ ./       # run all the applications 
                     # (35 in total: 7 in train set, 20 in test set, 8 in injected set)
$ ./  # run 3 applications 
                     # (1 in train set, 1 in test set, 1 in injected set)


Running all the applications costs around 30 hours in a host desktop with an 8-core cpu. I strongly recommend to run ./ first to test the environment.

Folder Description

Folder Description
AndroidJar Contains google android libraries with different version
APKModeling Contains all the test applications (35 apks) and output files (java classes) of modeling
DetectionFilterJar Modified Chord tool for detection and filtering.
ModelJar Modified Soot tool (jar file) for modeling.
Result All the results from detection and filtering.
ResultAnalysisJar Jar for extracting results and generating a csv file.
Licenses Flowdroid license and Chord copyright.

Result Analysis

After running ./ or ./, a ResultAnalysis.csv file is generated in Result folder. It contains the data using in Figure 5 and Table 1 in the paper. The LOC information and manual inspection result in Table 1 are not provided in the ResultAnalysis.csv file.

The data of Table 2 exists in the Result/Injected folder. The data of Table 3 exists in the Result/Train folder. However, they all require manual inspection.

VM with dependency installed

We also provide a VirtualBox image with all the dependency installed. Please check this link.