Meta-repository for the USENIX Security'18 project on Event Handler Poisoning.
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This project is a meta-repository for the USENIX Security'18 paper A Sense of Time for JavaScript and Node.js: First-Class Timeouts as a Cure for Event Handler Poisoning by James C. Davis (@davisjam), Eric R. Williamson (@ewmson), and Dongyoon Lee (@dylosy).

In this project:

  • We described the "Event Handler Poisoning" (EHP) attack on server-side programs that use the event-driven architecture -- for example, many Node.js applications fit this description.
  • We identified many examples of possible EHP vectors in the vulnerability database.
  • We explored First-Class Timeouts as an approach to detecting and responding to EHP attacks.
  • We documented potential EHP vectors among Node.js core APIs, changed the implementation of fs.readFile, and prepared a guide about EHP attacks for

The reproducibility package consists of three repositories: