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REVUB (Renewable Electricity Variability, Upscaling and Balancing)

Authors: Sebastian Sterl

Contact author:

1. Introduction

The main objective of REVUB is to model how flexible operation of hydropower plants can help renewable electricity mixes with variable solar and wind power to provide reliable electricity supply and load-following services. This model was first introduced in the paper "Smart renewable electricity portfolios in West Africa" by Sterl et al. (2020;; hereafter referred to as "the publication". A detailed description of all involved principles and equations can be found in the publication and its SI, as well as in the Manual (

The REVUB code models reservoir operation and hydro-solar-wind power generation and derives:

  • Optimal mix of hydro / solar / wind to maximise load-following;
  • Optimal operating rules for hydropower reservoirs to enable this load-following;
  • Hourly to decadally resolved hydro, solar and wind power generation.

2. Installation

The model exists in two languages: a Python version (written for Python 3.7) and a MATLAB version (written for MATLAB R2017b). The files given in this GitHub folder contain code and data needed to run the same minimum working example for both languages. Note that the Python code has not been parallelized as of yet and runs slower than the MATLAB code.

3. Tool's structure


There are four main scripts: one for initialisation (A), one containing the core code (B), and two for plotting (C). For a detailed explanation of the purpose of each file, the user is referred to the Manual.

  • A_REVUB_initialise_minimum_example

This script initialises the data needed for the minimum working example to run (which covers Bui hydropower plant in Ghana, and Buyo hydropower plant in Côte d'Ivoire). It reads in several time series from Excel sheets (these time series are themselves the results of external computations, described in the publication). These datasets are given in the folder "data" (extract the archive "data.rar"). The extracted data files should be in the same folder in which this script is located.

  • B_REVUB_main_code

This script runs the actual REVUB model simulation and optimisation.

  • C_REVUB_plotting_individual

This script produces figure outputs for the individually simulated plants, in this case Bui (set plot_HPP = 0 in Python or plot_HPP = 1 in MATLAB) or Buyo (set plot_HPP = 1 in Python or plot_HPP = 2 in MATLAB), most of which can also be found in the publication or its SI (for the same example).

  • C_REVUB_plotting_multiple

This script produces figure outputs for a user-defined ensemble of the simulated plants (e.g. setting plot_HPP_multiple = np.array([0, 1]) in Python or plot_HPP_multiple = [1 2] in MATLAB will provide aggregate results for Bui and Buyo), comparing overall hydro-solar-wind power generation to a user-set overall power demand curve.

To produce the figure outputs, simply run the scripts (.py for Python, .m for MATLAB) in the order A-B-C.


Version 0.1.0 - September 2019 (MATLAB)

Version 0.1.0 - January 2020 (Python)


See also the LICENSE file.


Renewable Electricity Variability, Upscaling and Balancing








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