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Visual Understanding Environment

Visual Understanding Environment (VUE) is a powerful teaching and presentation tool.

Code Organization

The code is organized in following folders

Folder name Folder content
src the source files
test automatic JUnit tests
lib third party libraries used in VUE
linux code specific to Linux operating systems

Compiling and Running

The easiest method to compile and run VUE code is using ant version 1.6 or higher. build.xml file in src folder contains many tasks to make clean builds of complete VUE application on Linux, Mac and Windows platforms. Here is a list of few useful tasks

Task name Action
default runs VUE (need to run compile task for this to work)
clean deletes all classes compiled earlier
compile compiles the code
jar creates VUE.jar which contains all the required classes and libraries to run VUE

Contact Information

For further information on VUE, visit VUE's homepage.