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VUEngine Studio

VUEngine Studio is a custom integrated development environment (IDE), tailor-made for Nintendo Virtual Boy game development with VUEngine, our versatile, object oriented Nintendo Virtual Boy game engine.


VUEngine Studio is built upon Eclipse Theia, a framework for building cloud and desktop IDEs using modern, state-of-the-art web technologies.

The following third party binaries that are shipped with VUEngine Studio come with their own licenses:

  • GCC by The GNU Project, with patches for V810 by ElmerPCFX
  • Grit by Jasper Vijn, with patches for Virtual Boy by dasi
  • hf-cli by thunderstruck
  • MSYS by The MinGW Project
  • prog-vb by William D. Jones
  • RetroArch Web w/ Beetle VB core by the RetroArch and Mednafen teams


Documentation on how to use VUEngine Studio can be found at



Download node.js 16 and install. You can download it from or alternatively use nvm (Node Version Manager). On Windows, you'll need to grab nvm-windows from instead.

Make sure you're using node 16.

nvm install 16
nvm use 16

Install yarn.

npm i -g yarn

On Linux systems, you'll need the following packages:

sudo apt-get install -y g++ gcc make python2.7 pkg-config libx11-dev libxkbfile-dev libsecret-1-dev

On Windows, install Visual Studio Build Tools.

Install Python.


After cloning, load git submodules with

yarn modules:init

They can be updated at a later point with

yarn modules:update


To build the applicationm, simply call the yarn build command.



Open two terminals and execute one of the following commands in each.

yarn watch
yarn electron start

The first will do an incremental build on every code change you do. The latter will start the Electron frontend. Reload (CMD/Ctrl+R) to load your changes.

Package the application

yarn electron package

The packaged application is located in applications/electron/dist.

Create a preview application (without packaging it)

yarn electron package:preview

The packaged application is located in applications/electron/dist.

Running E2E Tests

The E2E tests basic UI tests of the actual application. This is done based on the preview of the packaged application.

yarn electron package:preview
yarn electron test

Reporting feature requests and bugs

If you encounter bugs in VUEngine Studio please consider opening an issue in the VUEngine Studio project on Github.