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Revision history for C and Perl extension of nfdump.
1.26 2018-06-xx
- updated to nfdump 1.6.17
- new calculated fields: net, srcnet, dstnet
calculated based on ip and netmask
- new field alias: pkts -> packets, outpkts -> outpackets,
routerip -> router, nextip -> nexthp
- new fields: engine_id, engine_type, flags
- c: better processing of list of exporters
- c: ringbuf support to handle data beween libnf instancec in real time
- c: new functions lnf_ring_init, lnf_ring_info, lnf_ring_read,
lnf_ring_write, lnf_ring_free
- c: new examples examples/lnf_ex13_ring_write.c, examples/lnf_ex14_ring_read.c
- nfdumpp: new shm (ringbuf) output format (-o shm)
- nfdumpp: new --loop-read option for continuos reading of input file(s)
- nfdumpp: new --shm-read option for read data from shm (ringbuf)
- perl: perl module is not separate code but part of libnf repository
1.25 2016-12-04
- libnf and modules moved to separate repositories (libnf, libnf-ffilter, libnf-perl)
command git submodule update --remote --merge must be used to update to latest
submodule reference
-c: some leaks in memheap removed
-c: versioning of added (issue #5, thanks to Tomas Cejka)
-c: added new API function lnf_mem_clean(lnf_mem_t *lnf_mem)
-c: added exmaple lnf_ex11_memclean.c
-c: new function lnf_rec_get_raw/lnf_rec_set_raw
-c: new example examples/lnf_ex12_rec_raw.c
-c: new function lnf_filter_ffilter_ptr
-c: fix of RPM build (issue #5, thanks to Tomas Cejka)
-perl: added new test 53-libnf-filter.t
-nfdumpp: handles properly error messages for libnf filter
-nfdumpp: ability ro read binnary format from stdin (nfdumpp -r -)
1.24 2016-06-21
-perl: better thread testing (with more detailed results)
1.23 2016-06-20
-c: fixed build on FreeBSD
1.22 2016-06-18
-c: adjusted to nfdump-1.6.15
1.21 2016-05-28
-nffdump: invalid mutex initialisation
1.20 2016-05-09
-removed several warnings
-c: new field LNF_FLD_INET_FAMILY containing either AF_INET or AF_INET6
-perl: new field inetfamily
-perl: new function family2txt and txt2family
-nfdumpp: removed bug where nfdumpp produces corupted output file
-nfdumpp: added -n option to limit aggregated outputs
1.19 2016-02-03
-perl: removed dependency on lbz
1.18 2016-01-29
-perl: new variables $flow->{NUM_OF_FIELDS} and $flow->{NAME} can be accesed
Zangerl, Report #110170)
-c: adjusted to nfdump-1.6.14
-c: two new lnf_open flags LNF_COMP_LZO and LNF_COMP_BZ2
-c: new ./configure option to build with static or dynam BZ2 support
-c: separation of new filter code. The new filter can also be used in
other projects (include/ffliter.h and src/ffiltler,
thank to Lukas Hutak for cooperation).
-c: removed memory leak in lnf_lookup_map and lnf_close (tnaks for Lukas
-c: fixed size of some fields (patch submitted by Lukas Hutak)
-c: API change - tha value of LNF_AGGR_KEY is 0x0008
-c: API change - new LNF_AGGR_AUTO for autodetection of aggregation mode
-nfdumpp: new -w and -o options
-nfdumpp: new modular output system
-nfdumpp: invalid dispaly of duration field
-nfdumpp: multiple outputs when multiple -A switch is used
nfdumpp -R DIR -A proto -O bytes -A srcvlan -O bps
nfdumpp -R DIR -A ip -O pkts -A port -O bytes -A proto
nfdumpp -R DIR -A ip/16 -O bytes -A ip/24
1.17 2015-10-27
-perl: added test t/09-instances.t
-perl: test for calculated items in test t/08-aggreg-sort.t
-perl: new option CompatMode
-c: time fields can be user as aggregation key with alligned time
-c: new lnf_mem option LNF_OPT_COMP_STATSCMP
-c: sort support for calculated fields
-c: removed bug when thread key was nor released after lnf_mem release
-c: LNF_CALC_*PS items returns LNF_ERR_NAN when division by 0 is detected
-c: new flag LNF_APPEND in lnf_open for open file in append mode (not supported by nfdump format)
-c: LNF_FLD_INFO_SIZE can be returned by lnf_fld_info
-c: added LNF_<type>_T with basic types definitions used by libnf
-c: removed bug when memheap crashes after mixing pair and non pair
fields (Thanks to Jan Wrona)
-c: new fields LNF_FLD_INGRESS_ACL and LNF_FLD_EGRESS_ACL representing
all fields *_ACL_ID, *_ACE_ID, *_XACE_ID in one structure lnf_acl_t
-nfdumpp: redesigned command options
1.16 2015-09-07
-c: added license and copyright information
-c: added field event (thanks to Artem Buglak)
-perl: module allows to sort records without aggregation (list mode)
-c: bug when sorting same values (Thanks to Jan Wrona)
-c: libnf-info is compiled statically now (Thanks to Lukas Hutak)
1.15 2015-07-26
- c: new function lnf_mem_setopt for configuring some lnf_mem options
- c: lnf_mem_t can be switched into list mode via
lnf_mem_setopt(LNF_OPT_LISTMODE, ...); In this mode there is no
aggregation of items; mode can be used for sorting records
- c: improved merge_threads (removed deadlock)
- c: new function lnf_mem_lookup_c and lnf_mem_lookup_raw_c
- c: new example examples/lnf_ex09_memlookup.c
- c: new example examples/lnf_ex10_listmode.c
- c: new option -l in examples/lnf_ex04_threads.c
- nfdumpp: sorting without aggregation
- c: removed binary and .o objects from original nfdump
sources in distribution package (Bug #105944)
1.14 2015-07-18
- c: new way to work with data in lnf_mem, new functions
lnf_mem_first_c, lnf_mem_next_c, lnf_mem_read_c,
- c: functions lnf_mem_read, lnf_mem_read_raw,
lnf_mem_read_reset marked as deprecated
- c: examples redesigned to use new lnf_mem functions
- c: libnf.h was not installed by default (thanks to Tomas Cejka)
- c: removed memory release bug in merge_threads
- perl: added new test 52-libnf-examples.t to test examples
- perl: t/08-aggreg-sort.t was missing in distribution package
- perl: Socket6 module is not required starting with perl 5.14.0
- perl: buggy implementation of inet_pton in Ubuntu
1.13 2015-07-08
- perl: module requires use of threads
- perl: tests that depends on threads are executed only on
systems where thread support is enabled
1.12 2015-07-05
- c: removed __thread directive from source codes
- c: redesign of thread patch support nfdump-thread.patch and
nfdump-leak.patch patch merged into one file
1.11 2015-07-04
- nfdumpp: added basic comparison test for threads
- perl: removed some issues with thread support in perl
1.10 2015-06-30
- Project entered into close cooperation with
CESNET - Czech National Research Network
- c: thread support enabled by default (--enable-threads)
- c: aggregation unit supports statistics
- c: new pair fields LNF_FLD_PAIR_PORT|ADDR|AS|IF|VLAN
- c: examples/lnf_ex08_statistics added
- perl: Net::NfDump->info returns proper data
- perl: invalid handling of LNF_UINT16 (Bug #105472)
- perl: nfasnupd do not require Geo::IP module
1.09 2015-05-28
- perl: removed memory leak (Bug #104294)
- perl: improved test
1.08 2015-05-27
- c: doc update
- c: EXPERIMENTAL very early stage of new filter code independent of the
original nfdump filter code. New function lnf_filter_init_v1 or
lnf_filter_init_v2 is used to initialize either old (nfdump) or
new (libnf) filter. By default lnf_filter_init calls the old
one filter.
- c: new error code LNF_ERR_OTHER_MSG for errors where lnf_error buffer is set
- c: _LIBNF_H macro added in the libnf.h file
- c: new function lnf_mem_read_reset - set cursor to first record
- c: nfdumpp uses by default only 70% of available threads
- c: nfdumpp checks -O option
- c: removed bug - libnf fails after attempt to read empty lnf_mem
- c: removed memory leak in original nfdump in LZO
- c: initial number of buckets in hash table increased to 500000
- c: new functions lnf_mem_read_raw, lnf_mem_write_raw added
- c: examples/lnf_ex06_readreset added
- c: examples/lnf_ex05_memtrans added
- c: examples/lnf_ex04_threads option -n added
- c: bug in bpd and pps calculation
- perl: removed memory leak in perl API (Bug #104294)
- perl: nfasnupd accepts -c <file> with additional prefix database
1.07 2015-03-17
- c: nfdumpp utility added
- c: added calculated items - duration, bps, pps, bpp
- c: lnf_fld_info added
- c: lnf_fld_parse added
- c: lnf_mem_fastaggr added
- c: lnf_info extended
- c: performance update (15-20%)
- c: thread support for filter operations (not released to public)
- perl: static library removed from build tree (Bug #101544)
- perl: nf_asn_geo_update and download_asn_db removed
- perl: bin/nfasnupd - ASn updater added (replacement for nf_asn_geo_update)
- perl: doc update
1.06 2014-12-06
- c: lnf_rec_fget lnf_rec_fset performance update (15%)
- c: added src/fields.c,h - code related to fields is now separated
- perl: build system update
1.05 2014-12-05
- c: build system update
- c: added --enable-threads for thread support; disabled by default
- c: flex, bison is not needed for building
- c: adjusted to nfdump 1.6.13
1.04 2014-11-17
- perl: added example examples/
- perl: added test 08-aggreg-sort.t
- perl: aggregation and sorting added into
Net::NfDump (Aggreg => 1 and SortBy => <field> attributes)
- c: lnf_field_t structure extended with default sort and
aggregation order
- c: added example lnf_ex04_threads.c
- c: threads support added for parallel processing flow
records in aggregation. Code not released for public,
the public version works properly only in single
thread environment.
- c: added example lnf_ex03_aggreg.c
- c: added lnf_mem object with aggregation and sorting capability
- c: lnf_rec_fget, lnf_rec_fset increased performance (30%)
Thanks to Vasek Bartos.
1.03 2014-06-23
- c: headers includes in the examples
- c: code preparation for aggregation and sorting
- perl: test for pure read without record processing (-G)
1.02 2014-06-18
- c: added structure lnf_brec1_t containing most commonly used records
- c: examples updated to use lnf_brec1_t
- c: examples updated to be usable for benchmarks
- perl: updated build system (more resistant)
- perl: benchmarks of c code added as the part of perl testing
1.01 2014-06-15
- source code strictly separated into autonomous
package (libnf-xxx, universal C API) and perl
Net::NfDump module that is placed on top of the C API
- redesigned build system
- prepared for new features (aggregation, sorting, ...)
- changes inspired by Vasek Bartos and his libnfdump code
0.14 2014-04-24
- examples updated to use last version of Net::IP::LPM
0.13 2014-04-20
- adjusted to nfdump 1.6.12
- support for new record type introduced by nfdump 1.6.12
- transparently reads record types from previous nfdump
- created files are always with the new record type
- !! files created by this version mus be read by nfdump >= 1.6.12
- support for new fields (ingress_vrfid, egress_vrfid, event_flag
block_start, block_end, block_step, block_size)
- flow_start item changed to event_time
- fw_event removed (use fw_xevent instead)
- doc extended with info about aggregation
0.11 2013-11-26
- adjusted to nfdump 1.6.11
0.10 2013-09-12
- decreased test length
0.09 2013-08-13
- adjusted to nfdump 1.6.10p1
0.08 2013-06-06
- removed bug in TimeWindowStart, thanks to Pavel Sejnoha
0.07 2013-05-21
- removed bug in examples, thanks to James Deaton
- updated to nfdump 1.6.10
0.05 2013-05-03
- language corrections
0.05 2013-03-16
- silently skip known (but not supported) blocks
- example added (update AS info)
0.04 2013-03-03
- the first stable version
0.03_02 2013-03-03
- the version of nfdump updated to 1.6.9
0.03_01 2013-02-28
- NEL, NSEL support added
- a few bugs removed
0.02_05 2013-02-26
- added
- documentation updated
0.02_04 2013-02-24
- a few bugs removed
- clonerow added
- InputFiles and Fields can by handled as a reference to list or comma separated list
0.02_01 2013-02-11
- hasharray functions added
- performance optimization (4x faster)
0.01_06 2013-01-20
- nfdump source codes added into distribution
- fixes for libnf on OpenBSD apllied
0.01_04 2013-01-15
- extra compilation of nfdump utility
0.01_04 2013-01-14
- removed dependency on lex/flex during compilation
0.01_03 2013-01-12
- fixes for multiplaform compilation
0.01_02 2013-01-10
- documentation update
0.01_01 2012-11-30
- initial version