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File Decrypter for the PS4 version 4.55
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File Decrypter for the PS4 version 4.55

change your ip address to use the pc you are listening ie:

socat - tcp-listen:9023

send the payload like:

socat -u FILE:DumpFile455.bin TCP:<ps4 ip>:9020

To compile for 4.55 you need to use an sdk with changes for 4.55 support, i have used

-on your usb stick (fat32) make a directory /455

-insert into the ps4 and run the payload

This will dump all the usermodules self/sprx/sdll/sexe onto your usb in the /455 folder decrypted some like eboots are renamed because i was too lazy to implement folder generation to mimic the ps4 fs but you can change to code to suit whatever you choose to :)


-qwertyuiop for his Kernel Exploit / Specter for his code execution method

-IDC for his his patches to allow for self decryption

-Grass Skeu for the original code base this was made from (DumpFile for 1.76 built for hitodamas ps4sdk)

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