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Portable, maintainable, and easy-to-use Vim configuration template.
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Vim Configuration Template

{Portable, Maintainable, Easy-to-use} - Choose Three

This is a Vim configuration template that achieves:

  1. Easy deployment on new machines (./ and voila)
  2. Easy plugin management (powered by Vundle)
  3. Easy syncing and version control (with git)

See more information here:


Fork or clone this repo, then fill in the places marked as TODO in vimrc.

Note: as this solution involves a git submodule, therefore just copying out the files (without .git/) may not work.


For reference and a demonstration of how easy everything is.

Setting up on a New Machine

As mentioned earlier, setting up is as easy as ./ because it does all the work for you.

git clone your_repo
cd your_repo

You will need to hit Enter once in the process.

Installing/Removing a Plugin

  1. Add/remove a line like Plugin "vim-airline/vim-airline" in your vimrc (standard Vundle configuration)
  2. Run :PluginInstall or :PluginClean
  3. Commit and push (and do step 2 on other machines after pulling in the changes)

Updating a Plugin

Just run :PluginUpdate.

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