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This code repository contains the source code of the Vaa3D project (once called 'V3D'),an 
open source 3D/4D/5D image visualization and analysis software for bioimage analysis. It is
a cross-platform (Mac, Linux, and Windows) tool for visualizing large-scale (gigabytes,
and 64-bit data) image volumes and surface objects.

There are a few sub-folders:
* bin:                     the folder where the final executable and plugins will be copied to
* v3d_main:                the main Vaa3D program.
* matlab_io_basicdatatype: matlab toolbox for file IO of some basic Vaa3D data formats,
                           including image file, surface files, neuron, markers, etc.
* imagej_io:               imagej plugin toolboxes for file IO of some basic Vaa3D data formats.
* released_plugins:        the "standard" Vaa3D plugins, including both examples and some
                           real utilities.

*** Note that different sub-folders may contain different software LICENSES. You MUST agree to
these license terms before you access any parts of these source code.

* How to build the Vaa3D program 

Please follow the build instructions here:

If you write/use additional plugins for Vaa3D, be sure to put these plugins into a subfolder
called "plugins", which should be in the same folder where the executable of v3d program resides.
You can then use V3D programs to rescan the plugins, without the need to restart V3D. Of course,
these plugins should be produced using the same version of QT (of compatible versions), the same
operating system, the same compiler, and the same release type ("Release" or "Debug") of the

* License

Vaa3D used a slightly modified revised MIT license, see detail here .

* Questions

If you have questions, please check the documentations on the Vaa3D website: , 
and the wiki pages:
You could find answers of FAQs and submmit your questions using the following help forum: