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Code Diary for SAS DOI

An automatic documentation parser for SAS. The main component is Code Diary, which can be used to easily collect and organize comments from source code called from a central main. An extra component is Macro Diary, which can be used to collect special comment blocks from all macros in a common root directory. A bonus component is a rudimentary, incomplete markdown to HTML converter implemented in SAS. This converter is not intended to replace full implementation, but rather to provide a quick visual on systems that do not allow the installation of other software.


Copy the relevant files from the source folder:

  • for Code Diary
  • for Macro Diary
  • for a rudimentary, incomplete markdown to HTML converter

How to

See the files in the demo folder for example uses. These examples, combined with the documentation in the files themselves, are the user manual.


Code Diary has been published as From source code to publication: Code Diary, an automatic documentation parser for SAS in SoftwareX, please cite this paper when needed. Zenodo ( automatically registers a DOI for each new release (and updates the tag above) if you need a version-specific reference in your implementation.