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Merge from upstream #2

merged 121 commits into from Oct 12, 2017


None yet

VadimBrodsky commented Oct 12, 2017

No description provided.

luizribeiro and others added some commits May 28, 2017

Always send 3 * RGBLED_NUM bytes through I2C on ps2avrGB
This wasn't going to work on boards with a different number of LEDs,
since I was always sending 48 bytes.
Changed USB manufacturer to "JMWS"
Don`t know, if this is 100% correct, but the original software refers
to "JMWS JM60 Driver".
Updates send_string functionality, adds terminal feature (qmk#1657)
* implement basic terminal stuff

* modify send_string to read normal strings too

* add files bc yeah. working pgm detected

* pgm detection apparently not working

* adds send string keycodes, additional keycode support in send string

* implement arguments

* [terminal] add help command

* [terminal] adds keycode and keymap functions

* [terminal] adds nop.h, documentation

* update macro docs
[planck] Adds Sean Hunter keymap(qmk#1706)
* Sean Hunter initial keymap

* Update old map to sync it up with new one

* Add TODO
fix a few minor things

* small doc fixes

* Minor fixups
Add support for MF68 replacement PCB for Magicforce 68 (qmk#1698)
* Port TMK code for MF68

* Change KEYMAP to KC_KEYMAP and add macro
Further updated ergodone (qmk#1714)
* updated file

* added image to flash hex on ergodone

* corrected image link

* updated direct image link

* image with larger text
Some revisions to cbbrowne Planck keymap, and a preliminary xd75 keym…
…ap (qmk#1715)

* Add HOME/END keys as upper/lower on arrow-up/down

* Reduce .hex file size by turning off unneeded options

* Put digit keypad onto left hand upon RAISE; this will sometimes be preferable to double-hits of right hand

* Latest super latest version merge

* cbbrowne keymap for XD75re

* starting notes on XD75re keymap plans

* First draft of bottom row of QWERTY

* Switch my special bottom line over to QCENT

* Dunno

* Filling in wanted keys, bit by bit...

* Add copyright, extra macro

* Clean up comments, remove some experimental code I didn't like

* TODO plans for xd75re

* clean up keyboard layout

* QCENT2 is my new experiment for the main keyboard...

* Add a few more main layer keys, and modify LOWER to shift things outwards to conform with main layer

* Clean up RAISE layer to conform with main layer, remove QCENT layer as QCENT2 is the new thing

* More xd75 changes, now that I actually have it in hand

* shift keymap around, as original attempt was a bit too aggressive in keeping to the edges

* more revs to XD75

* Dropping parts of the centre keypad in favor of Keys I Really Need

* Improve documentation to conform with how builds are done now

* Improve documentation to conform with how builds are done now

* Add cbbrowne rules file as alternative to having the rules in Makefile

* Makefile not needed anymore for individual keymap
"New" Atreus Keymap (qmk#1717)
* Merge with upstream

* Finish merge

* Add new keymap

* Change use of KEYMAP macro

* Add

* Fix link

* Clean up comments

* Raise on leading edge of keypress
Add Levinson keyboard (qmk#1723)
* Fork lets_split to levinson

Update subproject default

* Update Readme

* Pass LED backlight info from master to slave over serial
Cleaned, revised, and updated my keymaps to reflect new changes/defau…
…lts (qmk#1712)

* add new RGB keycodes and clean up lets split keymap

* extraneous cases

* More cleanup and added macro

* one more macro

* cleaned up my planck keymap and added macros

* Transitioned planck keymap to new formatting / audio modes based on new default

* Remove extraneous newline in song list, add keycodes missed in previous commit

* error in graphical representation of keycodes
Adding Ergodox EZ and Atreus Dvorak 42-key layouts (qmk#1705)
* importing 42 key dvorak layout

* added comment for build instructions

* adding atreus dvorak 42 key layout

* added readme

* add readme

* build instructions

* additional MEH shortcuts

Snipeye and others added some commits Oct 6, 2017

Consistent fabian layouts for amj40, let's split, planck and xd75 (qm…

* slight modifier changes; added plover and reusing jack's default planck keymap as the basis

* space is not shift when held anymore

* added fabian layout (based on jack's default)

* changed fabian layout (based on jack's default)

* changed fabian layout (based on jack's default)
Add my layouts (qmk#1822)
* all of my updates

* return to base config for xd60.c

* remove janky keymap header definition

* update readme for xd60

* update Planck readme
Contribute GH60 layout (qmk#1820)
* Add first version of my layout

* Tweaked layout

* gh60/bluezio: SpaceFn CapsLock interferes with Ctrl+Arrows
Added Dichotemy Keyboard, updated docs for Pointing Device (qmk#1817)
* Added Dichotemy Keyboard, updated docs for Pointing Device

* Updated readme

* Updated mouse report pointer in pointing_device.c
Added ISO Hungarian friendly keymap (qmk#1808)
* Add files via upload

* Add files via upload

* Add files via upload

* Add files via upload

* Update keymap.c

* Update keymap.c

* Update keymap.c

* Update keymap.c
Qwerty Code Friendly: relocate insert key
This was too easy to press by accident (next to Alt).
Make this user configurable.
neue Datei: keyboards/lets_split/keymaps/DE_simple/Makefile
	neue Datei:     keyboards/lets_split/keymaps/DE_simple/config.h
	neue Datei:     keyboards/lets_split/keymaps/DE_simple/keymap.c
	neue Datei:     keyboards/lets_split/keymaps/DE_simple/
Cleanup of my keymaps (qmk#1802)
* Add woodpad

* Cleanup

* Remove misc layouts for woodpad

* Move woodpad to handwired

* Updated RGB Underglow info

* Cleanup macros

* Fix odd merge issue

* Tweaked RGB lighting stuff

* Start to merge orthodox/ergodox keymaps (persistant layers)

* Add forced NKRO

* Added Colemak and Dvorak layers to default orthodox keymap

* Added default layer (qwerty/colemak/dvorak) detection to RGB Underglow
ErgoDone keyboard: Improved structure of readme and augmented it with…
… important information. Updated links to moved content.
add stock layout for xd75 (qmk#1731)
* add stock layout for xd75

* fix layout bug

* layout naming

* don't need it

* Cleaning up

@VadimBrodsky VadimBrodsky merged commit 28bc081 into VadimBrodsky:master Oct 12, 2017

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