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Repository for the deep learning models I used in my 2019 summer vacation research at UNSW
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Repository for the deep learning models I used in my 2019 summer vacation research at UNSW

Usage provides a Dataset class E18MouseData which can be used create a PyTorch friendly Dataset from GSE93421_bbrain_aggregate_matrix.hdf5.


This code is intended to be used with GSE93421_brain_aggregate_matrix.hdf5 ( Further information is available here; however, I have been unable to find a thorough description detailing how this dataset is organized.

Dataset Structure

The following sections represent my best guess at the dataset's structure. The hdf5 file contains 7 1D lists under the head node 'mm10'.

barcodes (n ~= 1.3 million)

Barcode identifier for each sequenced cell

data (n ~= 2.6 billion)

Count data. Each entry corresponds to a reading for a specific gene and cell. See below for details ...

genes and gene_names (n = 27998)

Gene identifiers.

indicies (n ~= 2.6 billion)

This list has a 1-1 correspondence with data. Each entry represents an index in genes/gene_names (0 <= v < 27998). It indicates what gene the corresponding entry in data is refering to.

indptr (n ~= 1.3 million)

This is has a 1-1 correspondence with barcodes. Each entry ris a pointer to an index in data (monotonically increasing with 0 <= v <~ 2.6 billion). Each entry in data between two consective values of indptr are count data for the same cell with the corresponding gene given by indices.

Notes on Computational Resources

This dataset is very large, especially in it's full sparse representation (~36 billion datapoints). This code will require approximately 170GB of RAM to load the full dataset (I provide the option to only load a fraction of it in). It takes about 15 minutes to load even using 20 processes in parallel on a dual socket Intel E5-2699 (2.2GHz).


Supplementary documents

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