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Added a comment explaining the '*' always matching.
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Loïc Hoguin
Loïc Hoguin committed Mar 12, 2012
2 parents 133564d + 21cd61c commit e87f51e542a9ee5bdcadd5841731b32210732e08
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  1. +6 −2 src/cowboy_http_rest.erl
@@ -729,10 +729,14 @@ put_resource(Req, State, OnTrue) ->
choose_content_type(Req3, State2, OnTrue, ContentType, CTA)
+%% The special content type '*' will always match. It can be used as a
+%% catch-all content type for accepting any kind of request content.
+%% Note that because it will always match, it should be the last of the
+%% list of content types, otherwise it'll shadow the ones following.
choose_content_type(Req, State, _OnTrue, _ContentType, []) ->
respond(Req, State, 415);
-choose_content_type(Req, State, OnTrue, ContentType,
- [{Accepted, Fun}|_Tail]) when ContentType =:= Accepted ->
+choose_content_type(Req, State, OnTrue, ContentType, [{Accepted, Fun}|_Tail])
+ when Accepted =:= '*' orelse Accepted =:= ContentType ->
case call(Req, State, Fun) of
{halt, Req2, HandlerState} ->
terminate(Req2, State#state{handler_state=HandlerState});

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