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erl_lfq is a lock-free, single-producer, single-consumer FIFO queue for Erlang binaries, implemented in C++ and wrapped in a NIF.


Information on building and installing Erlang/OTP can be found here (more info).

Building erl_lfq

erl_lfq uses gcc-specific atomic builtins, so building requires a relatively recent gcc/g++.

$ git clone git://github.com/argv0/erl_lfq.git
$ cd erl_lfq
$ make
$ make test


erl_lfq:new() -> {ok, QRef} : create a new queue

erl_lfq:in(QRef, binary()) -> ok : add an item to the queue

erl_lfq:out(QRef) -> binary() | empty : remove the next item from the queue

erl_lfq:byte_size(QRef) -> non_neg_integer() : total size in bytes of items in the queue

erl_lfq:len(QRef) -> non_neg_integer() : number of items in the queue

Contributing to erl_lfq

Pull requests and branching

Use one topic branch per pull request.

Do not commit to master in your fork.

Provide a clean branch without any merge commits from upstream.

Usually you should squash any intermediate commits into the original single commit.

Code style

Do not introduce trailing whitespace.

Do not mix spaces and tabs.

Do not introduce lines longer than 80 characters.

erlang-mode (emacs) indentation is preferred. vi-only users are encouraged to give Vim emulation (more info) a try.

Writing Commit Messages

Structure your commit message like this:

One line summary (less than 50 characters)

Longer description (wrap at 72 characters)


  • Less than 50 characters
  • What was changed
  • Imperative present tense (fix, add, change)
    • Fix bug 123
    • Add 'foobar' command
    • Change default timeout to 123
  • No period


  • Wrap at 72 characters
  • Why, explain intention and implementation approach
  • Present tense


  • Break up logical changes
  • Make whitespace changes separately