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add r15 support #2

wants to merge 18 commits into from

3 participants

mihawk commented Jun 18, 2012

with compatibility with older otp version

mihawk and others added some commits Jan 2, 2012
@mihawk mihawk add R15 driver support 648a65a
@mihawk mihawk add comment R15 0de5ec7
@nbaronov nbaronov Update c_src/iconv_drv.c
nit: Fix incorrect prototype of driver_send_bin()
@mihawk mihawk Merge pull request #1 from nbaronov/patch-1
Update c_src/iconv_drv.c
@eriksoe eriksoe Add a bunch of unit tests. Quote a few of them fail at present. f5d9296
@eriksoe eriksoe Add simple test case for the double-expand bug. 4d71431
@eriksoe eriksoe Fix for the double-expand bug (op is calculated wrongly the second time) 656f6b5
@eriksoe eriksoe Remove duplicate calculation by introducing 'newolen'.
Calculate oleft without recurrence.
@eriksoe eriksoe Remove NUL-termination stuff. Neither iconv nor Erlang cares about it.
- There is no special reason for the driver to do NUL termination.
- In fact, it may surprise that it doesn't return characters after the first NUL.
- Furthermore, this change does away with the strlen() call.
@eriksoe eriksoe Fix tests: not all bytes are valid in all off the iso-8859-* encodings 89a5c46
@eriksoe eriksoe Fix type mismatch in test generator. d2ce256
@eriksoe eriksoe Remove debug output from test code. 0b8fcd3
@eriksoe eriksoe Fail instead of doing the wrong thing on large inputs.
Silently ignoring the last N*65536 bytes of the input is not a good idea...
@eriksoe eriksoe Handle input binaries up to 2^32 bytes, rather than 2^16 bytes. 4d7543e
@eriksoe eriksoe Fix the memory leak. dd6d731
@mihawk mihawk Merge pull request #2 from trifork/master
Fix a number of bugs, and add unit tests
@eriksoe eriksoe Bump application version number to 1.0.2.
I believe it is in order... :-)
@mihawk mihawk Merge pull request #3 from trifork/master
Bump application version number to 1.0.2.
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