Small tweaks: gen_server spec, driver_output_term deprecation, better eunit integration, travis CI #13

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istr commented May 30, 2013

Hello, I made some very small tweaks to make syslog compile without a deprecation warning (R16B), to make rebar eunit testing as a dependency work and to make dialyzer happy inspecting the empty function code_change.
Finally I managed to make travis CI pass with a small tweak for the priv-dir location (../priv instead of priv relative to ebin).
Please review and pull to upstream. Thx.

Could somebody review and merge this please? @Vagabond perhaps?


djnym commented May 20, 2017

Hi, I just got added as a contributor and noticed this PR from ages ago. Is it still valid? I'd be willing to merge if someone thinks it's worthwhile or has used it in production in some capacity and believes it works. Otherwise I might be able to test it out at some point to see. At the very least can someone rebase based on most recent master? @istr perhaps?

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