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Vagabond commented Jan 22, 2011

The SMTP client should really handle BCC fields properly.

@Vagabond Would it be alright if I give it a try and send a PR?


mworrell commented Aug 18, 2015

@Vagabond What do you see as wanted behavior? We use a bcc-like feature by just changing the envelop address and sending the exact same email again.


Vagabond commented Aug 18, 2015

I think the reason I never implemented it was because I didn't want to accidentally leak envelope data to the recipients. As long as care is taken, it should be fine?


mworrell commented Aug 19, 2015

As this is just about the envelope, shouldn't bcc be handled by software outside gen_smtp?


Vagabond commented Aug 19, 2015

I guess it depends, if you generate an email with gen_smtp and want to send it with the gen_smtp client you'll want to make sure you honor BCC because you don't want to rely on the downstream SMTP servers honoring it.

@skosch skosch referenced this issue in mailman-elixir/mailman Nov 17, 2016


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