gen_smtp should not assume anything about iconv's internals #29

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arjan commented Oct 13, 2012

See the discussion here:

Iconv is currently used by gen_smtp. To be able to work gen_smtp expects a registered process named iconv. If it can't find it it calls iconv:start/0 and later calls iconv:open(). This means that gen_smtp has quite some knowledge of the internals of iconv.

What I propose to do is to Maas' option #1: remove the code which calls iconv:start, so it doesn't know about the internals of iconv and just uses a module named iconv to convert. Starting and stopping is arranged elsewere via application:start and a configuration file.

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arjan referenced this issue in zotonic/zotonic Oct 13, 2012


iconv_drv will fail on R15B #284


mworrell commented Dec 17, 2012

I agree with Arjan, just remove the icon:start/0 call.
It is not optimal to start apps inside functions anyway.


arjan commented Dec 17, 2012

Maybe we should just make a pull request that does this? ;-)
Then @Vagabond needs just to press a single button to fix this issue :p


mworrell commented Dec 17, 2012

Sounds good to me 👍


mworrell commented Mar 15, 2013

Will take it from the merge requests.

mworrell closed this Mar 15, 2013

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