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Use instead of the implementation in the repo #54

AeroNotix opened this Issue · 6 comments

4 participants

Aaron France Sergey Prokhorov Juan Jose Comellas Andrew Thompson
Aaron France

Reduce complexity and reduce reimplemented code in the Erlang world.

What say ye?

Sergey Prokhorov

The only note: jcomellas/bstr doesn't use binary module at all. I don't know if it matters. But I like the idea.

Aaron France

So, I work with @jcomellas so I can see how he feels with me adding shims/whatever/reimplementing using just the binary module.

Juan Jose Comellas

@AeroNotix I'm fine with making any necessary changes or additions. BTW, some of the functions are the way they are because of historical reasons or to support older versions of Erlang. FYI, this library was created before OTP provided the binary module.

Andrew Thompson

Right, I wonder if gen_smtp should just use the binary module directly as arguably the reason for the shim's existance has passed.

Juan Jose Comellas

Well, the functionality provided by the binary module does not cover what bstr does. Maybe an option would be to push the missing functions to the binary module and see if the OTP team accepts this contribution. I doubt I'll have time for this in the near future, though.

Aaron France

It's something I can work on. I'll write up a draft to one of the Erlang mailing lists and see if they would accept that.

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