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External deps_dir should have higher priority than the config one

The external deps_dir should have higher priority because
it is used by scripts and other build tools to set up the
location of the dependencies. This commit ensures that,
even if a project has set deps_dir in its config file has
lower preference than the command line one.
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1 parent 16eed82 commit e467642476266b259be93ce6750bc27daeb57cee @josevalim josevalim committed
Showing with 3 additions and 2 deletions.
  1. +3 −2 src/rebar_deps.erl
5 src/rebar_deps.erl
@@ -241,10 +241,11 @@ info_help(Description) ->
%% Added because of trans deps,
%% need all deps in same dir and should be the one set by the root rebar.config
+%% In case one is given globally, it has higher priority
%% Sets a default if root config has no deps_dir set
set_shared_deps_dir(Config, []) ->
- GlobalDepsDir = rebar_config:get_global(Config, deps_dir, "deps"),
- DepsDir = rebar_config:get_local(Config, deps_dir, GlobalDepsDir),
+ LocalDepsDir = rebar_config:get_local(Config, deps_dir, "deps"),
+ DepsDir = rebar_config:get_global(Config, deps_dir, LocalDepsDir),
rebar_config:set_xconf(Config, deps_dir, DepsDir);
set_shared_deps_dir(Config, _DepsDir) ->

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